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Printing Techniques


Full Opacity

When you want a solid, bright print on dark garments, this is the way to go. We will print two layers of ink, drying the first layer before laying down the second coat to create a bright rich image.

Single Pass

Printing a single layer of ink on a dark garment can create a vintage look, or simply reduce your overall printing costs. The ink will be more transparent, so garment color will effect the overall look of the print.

Halftone Gradient

Need more detail in your design without using an extra ink color? Using a halftone screen, we can print dots of varying size to create shades of color. This is best suited for photo-based images with high detail.

Specialty Inks

We offer specialty inks like metallic shimmers and glow-in-the-dark, to achieve a look beyond our regular inks.

Flat Stock